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Disciples Workshop

For anyone who is willing to OBEY God and BECOME a TRUE disciple (Mat 28:18-19, Mar 16:16-18), the Disciples Workshop Program jumpstarts (and/or refreshers believers with) spiritual life-development and divine skills demonstration ability believers. For new or older believers; BORN-AGAIN into the family and Kingdom of God, our Father, and filled with His Spirit, who has not had any such in-depth formal, result-oriented, outcome-producing training the program equips believers to practice their faith according to scripture. 

There are five levels (and multiple courses) in the entire discipleship program. They are designed to help believers learn, practice, and grow from Spiritual Infants to Spiritual Minors, to Spiritual Adolescents, to Spiritual Grown-ups, and finally to Spiritually Matured Sons of God. The workshop reproduces Christ-likeness in believers making them a Sustainable Brand of Jesus Christ, able to live sickless, sinless, and deathless (1Pet 2:24) and minister same (Eph 1:5, Rom 8:14, Jn 5:26-27, Tit 2:15) to family, other people, and community.

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This course is the first of three of the Disciples Workshop [Levels 1-3] program, as ...