Believers Development

Becoming established in the scriptural counsel and circle of God for living the Christlike lifestyle and winning in life with divine skills.

Perfecting Officers of the Kingdom

  • Faculty: Sovereign Faculty
  • Learning Level: Advanced
  • Duration:
  • Course Fee: $ 36.00 (Free for students)

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Course Modules

Learning Level
Leadership and Church Structure
Developing Disciples and Ministries
Managing Divine Abilities
Working with other Church-Officers
Christlikeness, Worship, & Sonship

Course Fee

Subscription Plan Name Price
1 Month Course Materials Access: $ 36.00
1 Year Course Materials Access: $ 360.00


Sovereign Faculty

Our Sovereign Faculty anchor their learning and education philosophy on Heavenly Inspiration for effecting Global Change. Much so, to the extent that education need not be partial and worldly, but must be complete and total. This means having unlimited access to divine intelligence, to make our lives and learning complete and propel our world towards perfection. For as it is in Heaven, so it should be on earth (Mat 5:48, 6:10). To this end, our Sovereign Faculty anchors their philosophy on knowing that God wants every one of us to study diligently for approval, excellence, and productive confidence (1Co 15:45-48, 2Ti 2:15).

Each faculty have acquired the necessary and required education, meeting acceptable professional standards across the world, to teach the course(s) they teach. They have also received adequate divine education to deliver the same from a level of higher consciousness; to ensure learners' liberty from strongholds and advancement in life through the acquisition of divine skills and demonstration of such ability. Nevertheless, they continue to strongly believe in the superior intelligence of the Spirit of Christ, as they teach with understanding, and heavenly wisdom.

Each faculty is a believer in Christ and in the quality of Heavenly Life. According to scripture they ought to be "…healthy and good-looking, intelligent, well-educated, and showing an aptitude for the sciences; with good prospects for leadership in business and government; perfect specimens!—taught in the learning and the language of the (wisdom of the natural world)". For "God gave (them) spiritual intelligence and skill in both books and life, learning and wisdom" (Dan 1:4 & 17).

Passion for virtuously appropriate, accessible, affordable, and accreditable education.

Every sovereign faculty continues to share a strong passion for affordable learning, accreditable scholarship, accessible instruction, and appropriate education, because of their passion for "Godly wisdom [worldly or spiritual knowledge, understanding, and their application which are] from above and first pure, then peace-loving, gentle and considerate, open or yields to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial or unbiased and honestly truthful" (Jam 3:17). This kind of wisdom undergirds why and how they develop curricula for what they are most passionate about. Being that they have been "enriched in everything by Him [Jesus Christ] in all [our profession] and all knowledge [and science]" (1Cor 1:5).