Believers Development

Becoming established in the scriptural counsel and circle of God for living the Christlike lifestyle and winning in life with divine skills.

Certificate of Discipleship

To become a true disciple of Christ, it is essential to facilitate spiritual-life development. It should begin from the point where believers enter into the kingdom of God as Spiritual Infants; newly born babies [Brephos in Greek—2Ti 3:15], through development as Spiritual Minors [Nepios in Greek—Gal 4:1-2], and leading to maturing as Spiritual Adolescents [Paidion in Greek—Mar 10:15]. Becoming a disciple leads to becoming a Christian, not the other way round (Act 11:26). 

Becoming a true, faithful, and practicing Christian mean submitting oneself to continuous formal and informal learning of scripture and structure of the Kingdom of God for good health, intellectual well-being, and success in life. Christians must become disciples first and begin learning as Spiritual Infants—newborn babes, and "…desire [crave, thirst for] the pure [unadulterated spiritual] milk of the word, that [they] may grow thereby" (1Pet 2:2)

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