Church-Officer Development

Pursuing a life-long endeavor in virtuousness, divine ability, and charitable development of persons for God's Kingdom advancement.

School for Church-Officer Development

Students executorial approach to learning anchors on their duty/Godly responsibility, as church-officers, to powerfully carry out the terms of God's will and decree for His people. Leadership and ministerial development establish them as serving/leading members of the family of God; to divinely help younger and older members learn and practice the Christlike spiritual life while enduring and winning in secular-social-economic environments of the world. Diploma or Post-Graduate Diploma are awarded for completing each program, and meeting learning requirements.



Diploma of Church Officer

Having been called into one or more of the five-fold offices of the Church—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor,...

Post-Graduate Diploma of Church Officer

The scriptural content/curriculum of this program and the Diploma of Church Officer is similar, except for...