Diligent and speedy learning transforms and approves you as a virtuous workforce for God’s Kingdom, able to handle life skillfully and truth accurately (2Tim 2:15).

Schools and Programs Categories

6 Programs / 16 Courses

School for Believers Development

Students are groomed to develop divine, cognitive, technical, kingdom lifestyle, and or ministering skills. They...
5 Programs / 5 Courses

School for Ministerial & Career Development

Students begin learning with assessing fit and ability to focus on a career path or ministry calling. Whether academic...
2 Programs

School for Church-Officer Development

Students executorial approach to learning anchors on their duty/Godly responsibility, as church-officers, to powerfully ...
2 Programs

School for Professional Development

Students receive continuing education and professional development to provide competency improvement benefits to...
9 Programs

School for Organizational Development

Students study, research, and utilize management theories or scriptural doctrines to help ministries,  churches, and...
5 Programs

School for Certifications

As is the Kingdom of God, it is not enough to have the divine skills to till [dress, work, worship, or labor in] the ...