Immerse Yourself.
Abide Righteously.

Acquire Divine skills that drive Purpose, proficiency to fulfill your Calling, and a virtuous Career that changes everything. One Divine Knowledge, One Blessed You!

At Sovereign School

Develop and advance your divine endowment with these recent courses.
Why Sovereign School

Why Sovereign School

We are making disciples reach the summit of their calling and manifesting sons of God for His Kingdom.

We are focused on building lifestyles immersed in righteousness and excellency of the Spirit-Life of God, our intelligent Creator.

We will become the leading global learning-community for spiritual-life development; discipleship, professionalism, and ministerial learning.

  • Many inspired life-advancing courses in multiple programs.
  • Kingdom lifestyle doctrine, theory, profession, and practice.
  • Support from a righteousness conscious learning community.
  • One Divine Knowledge. One New Skill. Starting from $Free.

About Sovereign School

Discipline helps to learn new skills. Discipleship leads to a righteous kingdom-based life and career.

We are Divinely Skilled

Made in the Image of God, we were created to abide in all dimensions of life—spirit, soul, & body. Yet, our evolution has been more secular than spiritual. So we offer divine skills that elevates your value; and changes everything.

Add value to life with a Course

We are Scripturally Competent

Re-made in the Salvation of God and recreated in the excellence of His Holy Spirit, we follow His leadership to indulge the soul to seek competency and the body to pursue professionalism; which changes everything.

Advance in life with Competency

We are Virtuously Discipled

Making Disciples in the simplicity, science, strategy, and structure of Godliness is the cornerstone of inspirative living. We execute it through building lives and careers immersed in righteousness; to change everything.

Acquire for life an uplifting Career

Within Sovereign School

Divine education is delivered from a level of higher consciousness; to ensure liberty from strongholds and advancement in life.

Our team strongly believe in the superior intelligence of the Spirit of Christ. Having received such knowledge, they teach it with understanding, and heavenly wisdom.

Dr. Dennis Odiaka, PMP, SMC.

Founder, CEO

Rachael Isaiah

Dr. Abraham

Moses Kind

Reliable Sovereign School

"...By the testimony of two or three witnesses shall every matter stand and rely on"(2Cor 13:1).